Electrical Engineer

We’re building the next generation of thermodynamic devices for an industry that hasn’t seen innovation in over 50 years. We’re looking for someone with experience in design and implementation of circuit boards for consumer devices from concept to product, specifically microcontrollers and sensors.


  • Board design, layout, and component selection: calculations and simulation

  • Generating BOMs, PCB CAD, generating specifications and procedures for testing and using the boards

  • Designing for manufacturing, overseeing fabrication and assembly process

  • Hand populating boards, debugging and blue wiring

  • Testing and troubleshooting boards to verify performance and fix issues in prototypes and manufacturing

  • Working with the team to deliver a full high performance electrical, mechanical, software, fluid, thermal system, encompassing multiple power electronics, microcontrollers, motor controllers, sensors, and user interface hardware boards / PCBA designs

Desired Qualifications

  • BS or MS in Electrical Engineering or related field (or equivalent experience)

  • Proven record of work demonstrated via work projects, personal projects, and contributions to larger programs

  • Serial communication protocols (CAN bus, RS485, I2C, USB, SPI, UART etc.)

  • Encoder implementation (Optical, Magnetic, Capacitive, Quadrature)

  • Pressure Transducer and Resistive Thermal Device Measurement

  • Signal Filtering and noise reduction in circuit design (passive and active components)

  • Inverters and switch mode DC power supply specification (design a plus)

  • Connectors, mounting, packaging, and other mechanical interface considerations.

  • Design for manufacturing at low and medium volume.

  • Rapid board prototyping in the US, volume manufacture in China (bonus for volume manufacturing knowledge in the US)

  • Proficient with: Eagle, Altium, Kicad, Diptrace (one or more of these); Digikey / Mouser / Arrow; Alibaba; Oscilloscope, Function Generators, Logic Analyzers, multimeters for debugging; SMD soldering and rework

  • Shared commitment to building world-positive businesses and products, to climate change mitigation, and to design as a tool for increased human well-being

  • Ability to work independently and adapt quickly to a dynamic startup environment

  • Good communication and documentation skills, familiar with working with mechanical and electrical engineers

  • Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States for any employer

Bonus Qualifications

  • You've designed boards for your own side projects such as a robot