Senior Mechanical Technician

Treau is building and testing new, innovative, and impactful thermodynamic systems, and being able to quickly build, test, and iterate is key to our success. We are looking for an experienced mechanical technician with skills in precision fabrication, assembly, instrumentation, testing, and using shop equipment (mill / lathe / drills, hand tools, CNC equipment). Experience with fluid systems, sensors, and microcontrollers is also desired.


  • Support research team in performance testing of both components and full systems (e.g. build, operate, and write reports on heat exchanger testing)

  • Lead assembly and build of prototypes

  • Collaborate with engineering team in prototyping and testing manufacturing equipment and processes

  • Manage and maintain inventory of shop and test equipment, tools, and supplies

Desired Qualifications

  • Shared commitment to building world-positive businesses and products, to climate change mitigation, and to design as a tool for increased human well-being

  • Competent with machine shop tools (mill, lathe, waterjet, laser cutter, etc.)

  • Experience with fabrication, assembly, and testing

  • Experience with electronics and wiring assembly, cable routing, troubleshooting

  • Familiarity with copper tubing, fittings, brazing and soldering pipes, working with pressurized systems, regulators, and valves

  • Ability to work independently and adapt quickly to a dynamic startup environment

  • Proven record of work demonstrated via projects, personal projects, and contributions to larger programs

Bonus Qualifications

  • Understanding of design engineering principles

  • Experience with HVAC systems

  • CNC programming and operation experience